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Brett Kavanaugh Is Faced With This One Choice That Could End Trump’s Presidency

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt against Donald Trump reached a dangerous new phase. Led by Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, Democrats are closing in on what they believe is the smoking gun that will end Trump’s presidency. And now Brett…

You Won’t Believe What This Republican Is Telling Americans About Fox News

Fox News is under fire. Critics accused the network of shifting their programming to support the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt. And you won’t believe what this Republican is telling Americans about Fox News. Former Republican Congressman and 2020 presidential candidate…

Barack Obama’s Awful Failure Gave America’s Worst Enemy a Huge Advantage

Obama destroyed the military’s strength with his terrible leadership. He spent his time attacking political opponents instead of keeping America safe. Barack Obama’s awful failure gave America’s worst enemy a huge advantage. Obama was focused on attacking the wrong people.…

Barack Obama Got Hit With a Huge Lawsuit That Brought Him Down for Good

Obama has been caught red-handed trying to dodge the law. He made a huge mistake when he signed an illegal international agreement. Barack Obama got hit with a huge lawsuit that brought him down for good. One of the reasons…

All Hell Broke Loose When Sean Hannity Attacked This One Thing From Fox News

Sean Hannity has been one of the few people in the media to always defend Donald Trump. With more and more programs falling into the fake news media trap, Hannity has stood with our President. And all hell broke loose…

Elizabeth Warren Just Betrayed the U.S. Military With This One Promise

Donald Trump campaigned on rebuilding the U.S. military. The President followed through, but now America’s men and women in uniform face great risk. And that’s because Elizabeth Warren just betrayed the U.S. military with this one promise. Upon taking office,…

Donald Trump Threw Down One Ultimatum That Just Changed Everything

Trump made a strong stand after a tragic crime rocked the nation. He was not going to let the vicious massacre of American women and children go unpunished. Donald Trump threw down one ultimatum that just changed everything. Border security…

Elizabeth Warren Has a Huge Problem That Could Tank the Democratic Party

Elizabeth Warren is fulling embracing radical socialism. But her economic insanity is driving away an important group of people. Elizabeth Warren has a huge problem that could tank the Democratic Party. The Democrats like to pretend that Russian ads played…

One ABC Anchor Revealed This Bill Clinton Bombshell and All Hell Is About to Break Loose

It’s been weeks since sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died. But every day, new information emerges about his crimes. And all hell is about to break loose as one ABC anchor reveals this Bill Clinton sex scandal bombshell. One ABC anchor…

Four Simple Truths Will Bring Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Madness Crashing Down

Nancy Pelosi is telling the American people a terrible lie about President Trump. But her insane hatred has made her stumble. And four simple truths will bring Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment madness crashing down. Not so long ago, Nancy Pelosi said…

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