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A Top Democrat Used Military Power To Make A Shocking Political Point

The Democrats are trying to turn the military into a political weapon. And they are using it for political intimidation. A top Democrat used military power to make a shocking political point. This week top members of America’s military decided…

Nancy Pelosi Said Four Shocking Words To Justify Democrats Stealing An Election

Democrats aren’t willing to stand by a certified and decided election. They’re working to undermine election integrity. Nancy Pelosi said four shocking words to justify Democrats stealing an election. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled her support of Democrats launching…

CNN Is Excited At A Massive Democrat Bailout They’re In Line To Receive

Nancy Pelosi is looking to make the mainstream media even more powerful. And she thinks she’s found the perfect solution. CNN is excited at a massive Democrat bailout they’re in line to receive. There’s a bill in Congress that would…

Tucker Carlson Stunned Fox News Viewers Into Silence With This Regret About His Show

Joe Biden is now using the United States military to cancel Tucker Carlson. That had all hell breaking loose. And then Tucker Carlson stunned Fox News viewers into silence with this regret about his show. The Biden administration used the…

Megyn Kelly Destroyed This Top Trump Critic With One Blunt Truth

One Donald Trump critic made the biggest mistake of their life. They may never be able to show their face in public again. And Megyn Kelly destroyed this top Trump critic with one blunt truth. Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle…

Joe Biden Signed One Change To Voting That Has Every Republican Worried About 2022

Republicans knew they would have to worry. But these new executive orders are truly a cause for concern. Now, Joe Biden signed one change to voting that has every Republican worried about 2022. This past Sunday, President Joe Biden released…

The Illegal Immigrants’ Crisis Is So Serious Joe Biden Is Hiding This Important Number

We knew the situation was bad. But no one could have predicted how serious it truly was. Now, the illegal immigrants’ crisis is so serious, Joe Biden is hiding this important number from the world. In his few months in…

A Top Democrat Governor Realized She May Go To Jail For A Growing Scandal

Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer may be facing criminal charges. A Michigan prosecutor is building a case against her. A top Democrat governor realized she may go to jail for a growing scandal. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration hasn’t been transparent…

A Top Democrat Said One Word That Should Terrify Every Patriot American

The Democrats want to make terrible changes that will take away our freedom. And they may now be able to pass their radical agenda. A top Democrat said one word that should terrify every patriotic American. West Virginia’s Democratic Sen.…

Nancy Pelosi Was Handed Some Private Polling Numbers That Made Her Blood Run Cold

Control of Congress is on the line next November. Democrats head into the midterms defending a slim majority. And now Nancy Pelosi was handed some private polling numbers that made her blood run cold. Democrats in the House and Senate…

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