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Mike Pence blasts scheme to arrest Trump as a witch hunt

Former Vice President Mike Pence is set to enter the 2024 GOP presidential primary. Which means Pence and Donald Trump will face-off for the Republican Party nomination. And now Mike Pence had one reaction to arresting Donald Trump that no…

DeSantis Blasts Biden For Claiming It’s ‘Sinful’ To Protect Kids From Permanent Trans Procedures

Joe Biden attacked Republicans with an astonishing claim about children. It’s completely wild what lies Biden is willing to say in public. Ron DeSantis destroyed Joe Biden’s accusation of sin with a single statement. President Joe Biden claimed it was…

In the wake of Silicon Valley Bank collapse Tucker Carlson tells viewers to buy gold

Events are spiraling out of control in Joe Biden’s America. The globe is on the cusp of World War 3 and the economy is heading into a recession. And Tucker Carlson just told every American to go buy one essential…

Actress Jane Fonda suggests ‘murder’ to fight Pro-Life laws

Unhinged Hollywood leftists are nothing new in America. But what just happened takes the cake. This Hollywood superstar crossed a huge line when she said this one word on television. “80 for Brady” stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin recently…

You’ll Never Believe Which Top Democrat Is Begging for a Bank Bailout

With three banks failing in a matter of days, Wall Street and Silicon Valley are panicking. But while the market is melting down, the left is cheering. And it’s all because this top Democrat is begging to get a bank…

Joe Biden Just Proposed the Mother of All Tax Hikes

Joe Biden’s economic war on America just got worse. Biden has revealed his latest budget proposal for next year. And it’s one of the largest tax hike proposals in American history. Joe Biden just proved to the rest of the…

Democrat Eric Swalwell expresses openness to banning Fox News on military bases

Democrats have wanted to shut down Fox News for decades. Now the left believes their moment to achieve this long sought-after victory is finally here. And one key Joe Biden ally just dropped this huge bombshell about BANNING Fox News.…

FBI Admit Communist China Stealing Data off ‘Millions’ Of Americans’ Phones With TikTok

Donald Trump was ahead of the game in a warning he told the American people. Now even Democrats have been forced to admit he was right. The FBI accidently proved how correct Donald Trump was with this one statement. FBI…

Joe Biden Was Just Caught Red-Handed in One Massive Censorship Scandal

Twitter continues to be a massive political headache for Joe. After Elon Musk bought the platform, it became public knowledge that the Left used it to silence their critics. And now, Biden’s State Department has just been caught in a…

Wall Street Just Delivered Joe Biden News That Will Destroy His 2024 Chances

Joe Biden has been an economic disaster for the United States. Under his watch, inflation has triggered a huge market collapse for millions of Americans. And now, Wall Street just dropped a bombshell on Joe Biden that will cost him…

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