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Biden Administration Admits Ukraine War Depleting U.S. Weapons Stocks

Joe Biden’s scandal plagued administration is facing its biggest crisis. Now Biden’s own allies are finally admitting the truth. A dramatic public confession just landed Joe Biden in deep trouble. Joe Biden, RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other…

New Hampshire Governor Predicts Ron DeSantis Will Defeat Trump in That State’s Crucial Presidential Primary

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is just months away from announcing a presidential campaign. Polls show DeSantis and Donald Trump are the GOP frontrunners. And Ron DeSantis just got hit with this shocking 2024 news. New Hampshire’s pro-abortion RINO Governor Chris…

Donald Trump Promises in CPAC Speech That The GOP Will Never Be The Party of Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush or Karl Rove

Former RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is taking an increasingly public role in trying to stop Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. Trump finally delivered his response. And Donald Trump just made one promise that Paul Ryan never saw…

Donald Trump Files Motion to Stop Mike Pence From Testifying Before Grand Jury

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are clearly at odds over the 2024 election. The former Vice President is getting ready to challenge Trump for the nomination. And now Donald Trump tried to stop Mike Pence from making one crazy 2024…

Leftists Actually Considered Killing All Cats For This Insane Covid Reason

The panic over covid led to governments making shocking plans. A newly revealed plan would have led to millions of pets being killed. Leftists actually considered killing all cats for this insane covid reason. At the beginning of covid, the…

Shocking Report Reveals Biden’s Inflation Crisis Is Costing Americans Thousands

It’s been over a year since America’s inflationary crisis began and the problem is still out of control. And Joe Biden is only making things worse. Now, one report reveals just how much money Biden’s inflation crisis is costing America.…

After Years of Ridicule, the COVID “Lab Leak“ Hypothesis Was Just Confirmed

For years, the liberal media ridiculed anyone who claimed COVID came from the Wuhan Lab. Conservatives were accused of “spreading disinformation.” But now, even Joe Biden’s Federal government is finally admitting the truth about COVID. Years after the original hypothesis…

Kamala Harris Called Out For Sick Lie About Rising Energy Prices

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are one of the most unpopular President and Vice Presidential combos in history. With the Biden administration policy agenda, it is not hard to see why. And now Kamala Harris was called out for a…

Joe Biden Melts Down Over This Question About Stolen Classified Documents

As much as Joe Biden wished it were the case his stolen classified documents scandal is not going away any time soon. Americans were left speechless by what happened next. And Joe Biden melted down over this question about stolen…

Joe Biden Said Three Words That Terrified Every American

Joe Biden’s time in office has seen the nation bounce from one crisis to the next. Each one is worse than the last. And now Joe Biden said three words that terrified every American. East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway was…

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