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Could Ruth Bader Ginsburg Have Ever Expected This to Be True of Brett Kavanaugh?

If you’re the kind of person who supports Brett Kavanaugh, you’re going to love this. Ginsburg shares very little in common with Kavanaugh. Is there any way Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have ever expected this to be true of Brett…

Chuck Schumer and His Goons Can’t Believe Trump Managed to Pull This Stunt Off

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can’t believe it. Not only does it look like Mueller will be unable to tie Trump to illegal activity. Chuck Schumer and his goons can’t believe Trump managed to pull this stunt off. Now keep…

This Smoking Gun Has Barack Obama Realizing Prison May Be in His Future

The fallout from Barack Obama’s “spygate” scandal grows every day. Rats are abandoning ship as new leaks fill press stories with details of the Deep State spying on the Trump campaign. Now this smoking gun has Barack Obama realizing prison…

Nancy Pelosi Was In Tears After William Barr Made This Bold Move

Nancy Pelosi said she could barely sleep. She felt like all of her party’s efforts to pin down Trump had gone up in flames. So why was Nancy Pelosi practically in tears when William Barr made this bold move? For…

Bill Clinton’s Private Meeting With This Woman Helps Earn Name “Slick Willy”

You’d think Hillary would be mad. Her husband got caught in a secluded area with a woman who wasn’t his wife. And Bill Clinton’s private meeting with this woman has earned him the nickname “Slick Willy.” Back in 2016, when…

Neil Gorsuch Was Part of a Victory That Left Barack Obama at a Loss for Words

When Barack Obama left the White House, he figured his legacy was secure. But Obama thought wrong. That’s because Neil Gorsuch was part of a victory that left Barack Obama at a loss for words. When Donald Trump ran in…

Ilhan Omar Crossed an Unthinkable Line With This Support for Islamic Terrorism

Ilhan Omar’s snowballing number of controversies just reached a critical mass. And it could finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. That’s because Ilhan Omar crossed an unthinkable line with this support for Islamic terrorism. Americans were shocked…

CNN Is In Full Crisis Mode After Getting The News That Could End Their Network

The release of the Mueller report is the worst thing that has ever happened to CNN. It proves that they have been lying to their viewers for two years. And now they are in full crisis mode after getting the…

Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Furious When He Learns What Award CNN Was Just Given

Poor Justice Kavanaugh. He got the short end of the stick last year when it came to being the target of fake news. And now Brett Kavanaugh will be furious when he learns what award CNN was just given. But…

All Hell Broke Loose When Maxine Waters Went on TV and Got Caught Telling a Lie

Democrats screamed bloody murder when Robert Mueller leaked a letter claiming Attorney General William Barr misrepresented his report’s findings. Maxine Waters led the charge in using this leak as evidence that Congress needed to kick impeachment talks into high gear.…

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