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Key Congressman Admits Joe Biden is Depleting U.S. Arsenal to Arm Ukraine

Joe Biden’s proxy war against Russia is now in year two. Americans learned some bad news. And this key Congressman admits Joe Biden is depleting the U.S. arsenal to arm Ukraine. Joe Biden’s funneled over 46 billion dollars in military…

Top Hunter Biden Associate Is Giving Republicans Important Documents for Investigation

Republicans are trying to discover if the Biden family tried to “sell access around the world.” And they’ll soon gain records from one of Hunter Biden’s closest friends. A top Hunter Biden associate is giving Republicans important information for their…

Joe Biden is Actively Looking to Remove Religious Liberty Protections for Students

The Biden administration is looking to rescind an important Trump-era rule. They’re hoping to restrict religious student group activities. Joe Biden is actively looking to remove religious liberty protections for students. In 2019 then President Donald Trump signed an executive…

CNN Took One Top Star Off the Air After This Insane Sex Controversy

CNN spent the last year in the middle of a massive upheaval. Now one of the network’s key shows imploded. CNN took one top star off the air after this insane sex controversy. New network president moved Don Lemon from…

Donald Trump Just Forced Joe Biden to Do One Thing He Did Not Want To

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are eying a 2024 rematch. Trump won the upper hand on a key issue. And that’s because Donald Trump just forced Joe Biden to do one thing he did not want to. A train derailment…

Joe Biden’s UFO Cover-Up Collapsed With This Insane Bombshell Revelation

Joe Biden’s UFO scandal took a dramatic turn. Biden did not want the American people to learn an embarrassing truth. But Joe Biden’s UFO cover-up collapsed with this insane bombshell revelation. Members of both parties and the American people were…

One RINO Senator Doesn’t Want You To Know About This Link To George Soros

George Soros is one the biggest funders of the American left. But Soros covers all his bases. And one RINO Senator doesn’t want you to know about this link to George Soros. RINO South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is one…

North Korean Defector Exposed ‘Woke Ideologies’ Identical To What She Was Taught

A women who escaped from North Korea has a huge warning about American schools. American classrooms are no different from those in her home country. A North Korean defector exposed ‘woke ideologies’ identical to what she was taught. Yeon-mi Park…

Top Republican Demands Answers on Ohio Train Derailment After ‘Alarming’ Reports

A “team of experts” decided to release highly toxic chemicals from derailed train cars. They only just told the public how bad things are. A top Republican is demanding answers on the Ohio train derailment after an “alarming report.” Senator…

Poll Shows The Southern Border Crisis May Cost Joe Biden His Re-Election

Joe Biden is failing on the southern border. Millions of illegal immigrants are crossing into the United States. And now, one new poll shows that the southern border crisis may cost Joe Biden his re-election. With millions of illegal immigrants…

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