Michelle Obama Claims That ‘Unfettered Access to Firearms Is Not a Good Thing’

Democrats are actively trying to take away Americans constitutional rights. They are actively working to destroy our freedom. And Michelle Obama exposed her hatred of the Constitution with these nine words. Former First Lady Michelle Obama said during an appearance…

RINO Congresswoman Nancy Mace Supports Grabbing Guns

Conservatives expect elected Republicans to fight Joe Biden’s agenda. But the GOP base got some bad news. And now Joe Biden is grinning from ear to ear after what this RINO traitor just said. Now that conservatives bounced Liz Cheney…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says She Will Lead The Fight To Impeach Clarence Thomas

Democrats have been on a search-and-destroy mission against Clarence Thomas for three decades. It’s now reaching a fever pitch. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed this jaw-dropping plan to impeach Clarence Thomas. Liberals want to destroy Clarence Thomas because Thomas is the…

DeSantis Admin Confronts Biden-Proposed Rule Stating ‘We Will Never Allow Boys To Play In Girls’ Sports’

Joe Biden has an insane set of far-left rules he wants to force on every school. But they won’t be implemented in Florida. Ron DeSantis just confronted this new Biden rule with ten defiant words. The Biden administration proposed new…

Conservatives Mock AOC for Saying Parents’ Rights in Education Is ‘Fascism’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez regularly makes a fool out of herself. But rarely does the New York congresswoman do so in such politically damaging fashion. That’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said one word that instantly blew up in her face. House Republicans passed…

DeSantis Blasts Biden For Claiming It’s ‘Sinful’ To Protect Kids From Permanent Trans Procedures

Joe Biden attacked Republicans with an astonishing claim about children. It’s completely wild what lies Biden is willing to say in public. Ron DeSantis destroyed Joe Biden’s accusation of sin with a single statement. President Joe Biden claimed it was…

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