Joe Biden Just Released A Disturbing New Tool For Children’s Indoctrination

The Biden administration is pushing radical sexual ideas on children. It’s sickening what they want in every classroom. Joe Biden just released a disturbing new tool for children’s indoctrination. In the old days the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

Dr. Fauci Will Want to Run and Hide After Facing this DISTURBING Accusation

There is little doubt that Dr. Fauci is one of the central villains of the COVID-19 pandemic. And Dr. Fauci thought retirement would provide a shield from accountability. Dr. Fauci will want to run and hide after facing this disturbing…

Joe Biden Created This Kill Switch That Threatens Every American

Joe Biden’s time in office has seen Democrats launch one attack on the Constitution after another. Now Biden has his most dangerous scheme in place. Joe Biden created this kill switch that threatens every American. With Republicans taking the majority…

Donald Trump Said Fox News is Facing DOOMSDAY Over This One Word

Donald Trump and Fox News had another falling out. This time the rift may not be repairable. And Donald Trump said Fox News is facing doomsday over this one word. Donald Trump took a shot at Fox News, CNN, and…

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