Democrats Just Found the Smoking Gun That Could End Brett Kavanaugh’s Career

Democrats still stew with rage over the Senate confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But that didn’t mean the left stopped plotting Kavanaugh’s destruction. And Democrats just found this smoking gun that could end Brett Kavanaugh’s career. House Judiciary…

All Hell Will Break Loose When Jeff Sessions Makes This Decision About His Future

Jeff Sessions did not leave the Trump administration on good terms. That’s because much of the blame for the Russia witch hunt rests with Sessions. And now all hell will break loose when Jeff Sessions makes this decision about his…

All Hell Broke Loose After William Barr Said One Thing About Mueller

The only person the left hates more than Trump is William Barr. Being Trump’s Attorney General is enough to unleash the Democrat hate machine. And all hell broke loose after William Barr said one thing about Robert Mueller. The amount…

Rush Limbaugh Gave Barack Obama a Rude Awakening With This Surprise From His Past

The fallout from Attorney General William Barr releasing the Mueller report continues to spread. The bombshells within the report are causing unexpected problems for Barack Obama and his Deep State allies. And now Rush Limbaugh gave Obama a rude awakening…

Maxine Waters Just Admitted to a Crushing Defeat That No One Saw Coming

Maxine Waters spent the last several months banging the drums for Donald Trump’s impeachment. But now with Robert Mueller’s report set to be made public, Waters is singing a different tune. And Maxine Waters just admitted to a crushing defeat…

Michelle Obama Is Terrified of This FBI Investigation

In one stunning move, President Trump took this action to take down the Obama machine. It all stems from this one case polarizing the country. And now Michelle Obama is terrified of what an FBI investigation could turn up. Americans…

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