Joe Biden Falsely Claims White Supremacy Is The Number One Terrorist Threat Facing America

Joe Biden can’t get out of his own way. Biden’s re-election campaign just hit its latest stumbling block. And what Joe Biden just got caught saying on camera about white people will make your head spin. The Real Clear Politics…

Polls And Fundraising Show A Lack Of Enthusiasm For Joe Biden

Joe Biden is running for re-election. The polls show that Americans could see a rematch between Donald Trump and Biden. But Joe Biden is trying to hide one dark secret that will change everything about the 2024 election. For more…

Mike Pence Just Did One Sinister Thing to Help Joe Biden Throw Donald Trump in Jail

Both Mike Pence and Joe Biden have an interest in stopping Donald Trump running for president. No one thought it would come to this. And Mike Pence just did one sinister thing to help Joe Biden throw Donald Trump in…

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