Joe Biden Was in For a Rude Awakening When This Brand New Poll Went Public

While the coronavirus pandemic stuffed the 2020 Presidential election into the background that does not mean the campaign stopped entirely. Things are not going according to plan for the Democrats. Joe Biden was in for a rude awakening when this…

This Video Is the Smoking Gun in a Suspicious Death That Has Bill Clinton on Edge

The Clintons and mysterious deaths are never far apart. But now Americans are asking some hard questions that the Clintons and their allies don’t have any good answers for. And this video is the smoking gun in a suspicious death…

Adam Schiff Told a Shocking Lie About Obama That Opened a Huge Can of Worms

Obama blew his top when he heard what claim Adam Schiff said about him. Obama has one big hole in his record he can’t let anyone see. Adam Schiff told a shocking lie about Obama that opened a huge can…

One ABC Anchor Revealed This Bill Clinton Bombshell and All Hell Is About to Break Loose

It’s been weeks since sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died. But every day, new information emerges about his crimes. And all hell is about to break loose as one ABC anchor reveals this Bill Clinton sex scandal bombshell. One ABC anchor…

A Hollywood Star Revealed a Secret About Fox News That Will Change Everything

Fox News has a giant bullseye painted on its back. The left wants to destroy the network because it is the largest – and most successful – alternative to the liberal so-called “mainstream” media. And now one Hollywood movie star…

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