Amy Coney Barrett Learned the Devastating News That Will Turn Her Life Upside Down

Conservative Supreme Court Justices are facing unprecedented threats. Liberals are losing their minds and the situation is growing more dangerous by the day. And Amy Coney Barrett learned the devastating news that will turn her life upside down. A leaker…

Democrats Took the Gloves Off to Attack Amy Coney Barrett. Here is How They Lost.

The Democrats have pulled out all the stops in an attempt to scare Amy Coney Barrett off. But it did not work. Now, Democrats took the gloves off to attack Amy Coney Barrett.  Here is how they lost. Ever since…

Democrats Crossed a Big Line With This Ugly Attack on Amy Coney Barrett

Angry Democrats could not help but express their disdain for Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing. Their attacks are disturbing to say the least. Now, Democrats crossed a big line with this ugly attack on Amy Coney Barrett. Radical leftists, furious…

Amy Coney Barrett Revealed Something about Her Life That No One Saw Coming

The second day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings turned into a disaster for the Democrats. Democrats were not prepared for how their strategy would backfire. And Amy Coney Barrett revealed something about her personal life that no…

The Left Lost Their Minds After Trump’s Nomination For SCOTUS

The left is having a collective temper tantrum after Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for SCOTUS this past Sunday. But do they have any real reason to hate her? Now, the left lost their minds after Trump’s nomination for SCOTUS.…

Democrats’ Plan to Stop Amy Coney Barrett Imploded for this Reason

The Democrats settled on one plan to stop Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. It did not go well. And the Democrats’ plan to stop Amy Coney Barrett imploded for this reason. In an interview with CNN, Joe…

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