Kamala Harris Would Rather Keep This One Story Hidden

She thought she could bury the past. Especially since the past could cost her the campaign. When faced with reality, Kamala Harris would rather keep this one story hidden. The death penalty has had a long and drawn out history…

Jeff Sessions Got Handed New Poll Numbers. What They Showed Left Him Speechless

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions could not believe his eyes. Sessions is running for his old Senate seat in Alabama and things are not going the way Sessions and his campaign team expected. Now Jeff Sessions got handed new poll…

Obama’s Attorney General Exposed an Evil Plot to Brainwash the American Public

Democrats have stopped using rational debate. They are not even trying to hide the nefarious ways they are trying to change opinions. Obama’s Attorney General exposed an evil plot to brainwash the American public. Education is vitally important to America.…

William Barr Revealed an Arrest That Had Every Democrat Panicking

Since taking over as Attorney General, William Barr took dead aim at anti-Trump forces within the government. Trump supporters cheered this development. And now William Barr revealed an arrest that had every Democrat panicking. Donald Trump shot himself to the…

Nancy Pelosi Just Declared War on William Barr With Two Words

With the Mueller testimony now in the rear-view mirror, Democrats are going all-out to destroy the President. Their number one target to get at Trump is Attorney General William Barr. And now, Nancy Pelosi just declared war on William Barr…

One Jaw Dropping Secret From Kamala Harris’ Past Could End Her Challenge To Trump

The fake news media promotes Kamala Harris as the strongest Democrat to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. But Harris is now on thin ice. That’s because this jaw dropping secret form her past could end her challenge to President Trump.…

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