William Barr Was Slapped With the One Lawsuit That Could End His Career

Attorney General William Barr made taking on the Deep State his top priority. Barr’s investigating how the Obama administration and the FBI cooked up the Russian collusion hoax. But William Barr was slapped with the one lawsuit that could end…

William Barr Said One Thing To Nancy Pelosi That She Never Expected

Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy Attorney General William Barr more than anything. His only crime is serving under President Trump. But through all the attacks, Barr is standing strong and just told Pelosi the one thing she never expected. Democrats…

William Barr May Be on His Way to Destroying One Democrat’s Life

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Democrats. Not only is Trump’s economy doing well enough to get people voting Republican… Now William Barr may be on his way to destroying one Democrat’s presidential hopes. If Trump turns…

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