A Top CNN Host Got In Big Trouble When An Old Trump Tweet Came Back To Bite

CNN will do anything to protect Joe Biden from his own stupidity. But it is only exposing their own hypocrisy. A top CNN host got in big trouble when an old Trump tweet came back to bite. On Monday evening…

Rush Limbaugh Revealed He Knew One Big Clue Trump Would Concede the Election

President Trump has not yielded in his legal challenges to the 2020 election. The President’s opponents are demanding he throw in the towel. And Rush Limbaugh revealed he knew one big clue Trump would concede the election. Limbaugh claimed during…

A CNN Host Made an Admission about Donald Trump that Will Leave You Speechless

For four years fake news CNN waged total war on Donald Trump. Most of it revolved around the Russian collusion conspiracy theory. Now a CNN host made a confession about Donald Trump that will leave you speechless. Fake news CNN…

CNN Smeared Rush Limbaugh With This Lie That Will Leave You Red With Rage

Fake news CNN continues to suffer from a series of scandals that put the network at risk of losing everything. But this time, instead of CNN targeting Donald Trump with hoaxes, the fake news network picked on Rush Limbaugh. And…

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