Joe Biden Got Caught Red-Handed Telling a Massive Lie About His Ukraine Scandal

The walls are closing in on Joe Biden. Fake news reporters spent a week trying to turn Joe Biden’s political crimes in Ukraine into an impeachment quest against Donald Trump. But Joe Biden got caught red-handed telling this massive lie…

Tucker Carlson Should Be Very Careful With What He Does With This Photo of Biden

Tucker Carlson’s ratings continue to climb, as the FOX news commentator now enjoys sitting among the top-five most-watched news shows on TV. But just because he’s popular, doesn’t mean he couldn’t encounter some trouble in the future. Which is why…

Top Trump Challenger Caught Covering Up This Treasonous Scandal

One top Democrat looking to challenge Donald Trump in 2020 has problems that are just getting started. And one might be a career killing controversy. That’s because this top Trump challenger was caught covering up a treasonous scandal. The one…

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