Loretta Lynch Issued This Demand that Donald Trump Can Never Accept

Loretta Lynch served two controversial years as Barack Obama’s Attorney General. In the wake of the nationwide riots sparked by left-wing groups Lynch is back on the scene. Loretta Lynch issued this demand that Donald Trump can never accept. In…

CBS Tried to Fool Americans by Rigging This Impeachment Poll in Their Favor

The news media has come up with an awful plot to help Democrats. They are hoping that they can bamboozle people into believing that Trump is guilty. CBS tried to fool Americans by rigging this impeachment poll in their favor.…

A Hollywood Star Revealed a Secret About Fox News That Will Change Everything

Fox News has a giant bullseye painted on its back. The left wants to destroy the network because it is the largest – and most successful – alternative to the liberal so-called “mainstream” media. And now one Hollywood movie star…

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