Ron DeSantis Took A Firm Stand That Made Jen Psaki Go Into A Meltdown

Democrats are targeting children with outrageous restrictions. And they hate anyone who stands in their way. Ron DeSantis took a stand that made Jen Psaki go into a meltdown. Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t going to back down on…

No One Is Immune. Congress Has Been Struck With Bad Coronavirus News

Even the most important people in the land can’t escape the bad virus China released. Nancy Pelosi is terrified at the unfolding events. No one is immune. Congress has been struck with bad coronavirus news. Of the saddest parts of…

A Top Democrat’s Coronavirus Response Will Have You Red with Rage

Democrats are seizing upon the spread of the coronavirus for their own political gain. There’s no excuse for what they’re doing. A top Democrat’s coronavirus response will have you red with rage. The government does sometimes have the right to…

Donald Trump Got Bad News About the Coronavirus That Sent Him Into a Rage

The mysterious coronavirus originated in China and has now spread to 37 countries across the globe. Americans are nervously watching to see how badly this new virus will spread across the country. Donald Trump got this really bad news about…

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