John Kerry and Joe Biden seek to appease Communist China as part of climate change push

Joe Biden’s most sinister plan is coming to fruition. It’s bad news for all Americans. And now Joe Biden is about to cut one secret deal to create the new world order. Despite the fact Communist China is America’s number…

After Years of Ridicule, the COVID “Lab Leak“ Hypothesis Was Just Confirmed

For years, the liberal media ridiculed anyone who claimed COVID came from the Wuhan Lab. Conservatives were accused of “spreading disinformation.” But now, even Joe Biden’s Federal government is finally admitting the truth about COVID. Years after the original hypothesis…

Donald Trump Just Forced Joe Biden to Do One Thing He Did Not Want To

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are eying a 2024 rematch. Trump won the upper hand on a key issue. And that’s because Donald Trump just forced Joe Biden to do one thing he did not want to. A train derailment…

Joe Biden Faced This DOOMSDAY Prediction That Means World War 3

Joe Biden’s failures keep mounting and are growing more dangerous by the day. Every American is now threatened. And now Joe Biden faced this doomsday prediction that means World War 3. Joe Biden’s failed on the economy and on the…

Mitch McConnell Saw a Shocking Poll That Will Leave Him Shivering

RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can see the walls closing in. The bad news is obvious to all. And now Mitch McConnell saw a shocking poll that will leave him shivering. Mitch McConnell recently took a victory lap celebrating…

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