Joe Biden Just Surrendered in a Fight That No One Saw Coming

Joe Biden picked a really bad fight. Biden came out on the losing end. And Joe Biden just surrendered in a fight that no one saw coming. On April 27 the Biden administration announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance…

The Discovery of 135,00 Fake Votes in This Election left Trump Just One Thing to Say

Donald Trump could not believe what he was seeing. It was every American’s worst nightmare. And the discovery of 135,00 fake votes in this key election left Trump just one thing to say. Donald Trump blasted the New York City…

Chuck Schumer Did a Double Take When He Found Out Who Just Betrayed Him

Chuck Schumer is not used to losing. But Schumer just suffered a major setback. And Chuck Schumer did a double-take when he found out who just betrayed him. Democrats hoped to trap Republicans with legislation to create an independent commission…

Barack and Michelle Obama found this backdoor to 8 more years in the White House

Everyone thinks Joe Biden is the presumptive Democrat candidate for President. But a curveball may be thrown into the 2020 election. And Barack and Michelle Obama found this backdoor to 8 more years in the White House. Barack Obama recently…

All Hell Broke Loose When Barack Obama Made This Jaw-Dropping 2020 Endorsement

This was the moment Democrats had been waiting for. Former President Barack Obama finally waded into the Democrat presidential primary. And all hell broke loose when Barack Obama made this jaw-dropping 2020 endorsement. Barack Obama finally made his thoughts about…

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