Fox News Host Embarrassed Himself With One Trump Interview

Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides. RINOs and Never Trumpers are coming out of the woodwork to stab him in the back. Now one Fox News host embarrassed himself with one Trump interview. Fox News is one of…

You’ll be Red with Rage When You See Why a Fox News Host Laughed in Trump’s Face

Fox News Channel’s critics claim the network is state TV and in the tank for President Trump. But in recent months President Trump’s repeatedly pointed out how Fox News Channel’s coverage has been pro-Democrat. And now things are even worse.…

Fox News Host Stunned Viewers With This Prediction about Trump’s 2020 Chances

Americans are beginning to tune into the Presidential Election. The pandemic, economic collapse and anti-police riots crowded that story into the background. But now the picture is coming into focus and one Fox News Host stunned viewers into silence with…

Fox News Ended This Top Democrat’s Career. This Report Ended Everything

Fox News Channel is public enemy number one in the minds of many liberals. Many on the left only grew angrier after what they recently saw on Fox. And Fox News ended this top Democrat’s career. This report ended everything.…

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