A Sex Scandal From Joe Biden’s Past Came Back to Bite Him at the Worst Time

The Democrat Presidential primary is hitting crunch time. There are just days left before the first votes in Iowa and no candidate can afford a disaster. And this sex scandal from Joe Biden’s past just came back to bite him…

A Supreme Court Justice May Retire After This Massive Health Scare

Donald Trump may be faced with his biggest decision yet as a President. And it could change American politics forever. That’s because one Supreme Court Justice may retire after this massive health scare. 86-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

Clarence Thomas Stopped Everyone Dead in Their Tracks With One Announcement

The Supreme Court is nearing the end of its current term. This is the time when the Court charts America’s future. And Clarence Thomas just stopped everyone dead in their tracks with one announcement. One closely-watched case before the Supreme…

Clarence Thomas Announced a Decision That Has Everyone on Edge

The Supreme Court is facing a turning point. And nothing could ever be the same again. That’s because Clarence Thomas announced a decision that has everyone on edge. The Supreme Court has spent years avoiding abortion-related questions. Justice Anthony Kennedy…

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