Devin Nunes Hit Barack Obama With Some Bad News About His Allies Going to Jail

Barack Obama’s world is unraveling before his very eyes. Despite the nation’s focus resting on the coronavirus pandemic, investigators are getting even closer to the truth about the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. And now Devin Nunes hit Barack…

This Mistake Was the Final Nail in the Coffin for Bernie Sanders’ Campaign

Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday route left Bernie Sanders reeling. Now Sanders hit a huge bump in the road that’s about to destroy him. And this mistake was the final nail in the coffin for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Bernie Sanders has…

The Supreme Court Dealt Trump One Big Win. Here Is Why Democrats Were in Tears

The Democrats took a big risk by waging all-out war on Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and the rest of the Democrats in Congress just saw their decision blow up in their faces. And that’s because the Supreme Court…

Hillary’s Got Another Dead Body to Explain After This Controversial Figure Died

Ask the average Trump supporter what they think of Hillary, and they’ll tell you there’s no doubt about it, Hillary is evil. They’ll say that for decades now that everywhere she and her husband go, the bodies stack up. And…

A Smoking Gun Surfaced That Convicted Barack Obama in This Mind Blowing Scandal

Barack Obama’s scandal plagued Presidency was one of the most corrupt in American history. Even after Obama left office, the ugly details of his administration’s misdeeds continue to leak out. And now a smoking gun just surfaced that convicted Barack…

Bill Clinton’s Private Meeting With This Woman Helps Earn Name “Slick Willy”

You’d think Hillary would be mad. Her husband got caught in a secluded area with a woman who wasn’t his wife. And Bill Clinton’s private meeting with this woman has earned him the nickname “Slick Willy.” Back in 2016, when…

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