Donald Trump Files Motion to Stop Mike Pence From Testifying Before Grand Jury

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are clearly at odds over the 2024 election. The former Vice President is getting ready to challenge Trump for the nomination. And now Donald Trump tried to stop Mike Pence from making one crazy 2024…

Democrats Have One Secret Plan to Destroy Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy 

When the late Rush Limbaugh went on the air on August 1, 1988, it heralded the end of the liberal media’s dominance over the political discourse in America. The left seethed ever since. But now Democrats have one secret plan…

Adam Schiff Just Announced the Unthinkable

Adam Schiff has just been expelled from the Intelligence Committee in Congress. And now, he’s asking for a promotion. But Schiff’s unthinkable announcement could end up leading to his political downfall. Fresh off of being humiliated in Congress by being…

CNN Faced One DOOMSDAY Scenario That No One Saw Coming

It’s panic time at CNN. The network is in complete collapse. And that’s because CNN faced one doomsday scenario no one saw coming. When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 CNN made two big bets. Then network president Jeff…

A Top Republican DEVASTATED CNN With One Stone-Cold Truth

CNN operates as the propaganda megaphone for the Democrat Party. But a conservative turned the tables on the leftwing network. And this top Republican devastated CNN with one stone-cold truth. Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett was one of the conservatives refusing…

Donald Trump Said Fox News is Facing DOOMSDAY Over This One Word

Donald Trump and Fox News had another falling out. This time the rift may not be repairable. And Donald Trump said Fox News is facing doomsday over this one word. Donald Trump took a shot at Fox News, CNN, and…

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