Nancy Pelosi Tried To Double-Cross Trump On Coronavirus. This Is Why She Failed

Nancy Pelosi is working overtime to defeat Donald Trump. During this Wuhan coronavirus crisis, the House Speaker is focused on playing partisan politics instead of helping the American people. And Nancy Pelosi tried to double-cross Trump on coronavirus. This is…

This Arrest had Adam Schiff in Fear for his Life

Adam Schiff led the Democrats’ impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives. That role led Schiff to become one of the most polarizing members of Congress. And now this arrest has Adam Schiff in fear for his life. Americans have…

Nancy Pelosi Went Berserk When She Walked Into This Trap Trump Set

Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are licking their chops at contrasting their record with the Democrats’ socialist and anti-American policies in the 2020 campaign. Now that job just got easier. And Nancy Pelosi went berserk when she walked into this…

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