Ron DeSantis Just Revealed a Secret Weapon that Guarantees Democrat Defeat in 2024

Joe Biden’s presidency is imploding on every front. The worst scandal hasn’t even attracted attention yet. Ron DeSantis just revealed a secret weapon that guarantees Democrat defeat in 2024. Governor Ron DeSantis is leading 2024 GOP primary polls where Donald…

Ted Cruz Blew the Whistle on These Democrats Betraying America for China

Donald Trump is preparing to confront the Chinese government over their lies, cover ups and negligence that allowed the coronavirus to spread all over the world. But the President got bad news because some disloyal forces in America were siding…

Megyn Kelly’s Big Comeback Landed Her in the Last Place Anyone Ever Expected

Controversial anchor Megyn Kelly is trying to rebuild her career from the rubble after getting fired by NBC. Fox News and other media outlets claim they don’t have a place for her. And Megyn Kelly’s big comeback landed her in…

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