William Barr’s Latest Move Will End Impeachment and Jail the Deep State

Unlike most officials in Washington, William Barr is unafraid of taking on the deep state. As Trump’s Attorney General he is taking them head-on. And his latest move will end impeachment and jail the deep state. The reason Democrats are…

William Barr Was Slapped With the One Lawsuit That Could End His Career

Attorney General William Barr made taking on the Deep State his top priority. Barr’s investigating how the Obama administration and the FBI cooked up the Russian collusion hoax. But William Barr was slapped with the one lawsuit that could end…

Trey Gowdy Just Blew the Lid Off of the FBI

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy is the Deep State’s worst nightmare. Even after leaving office earlier this year, Gowdy continues to dig for the truth. And now, he just blew the whole lid off of the biggest FBI scandal of the…

Donald Trump Gave the Military This Order That Sent Obama’s Deep State Into a Fury

Donald Trump fought Barack Obama’s Deep State from the moment it was clear he would be the Republican candidate for President. And President Trump just scored one of his biggest victories to date in this conflict. That’s because Donald Trump…

Trey Gowdy Just Dropped A Tip That Could Bring The Deep State Down For Good

Trey Gowdy made a name for himself by exposing corrupt Democrats. During his time in Congress, he became the worst enemy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And now he just dropped a big tip that could bring down the…

Barack Obama’s World Fell Apart When These Criminal Allegations Surfaced

The walls are closing in on Barack Obama. His cover up of the worst scandal in American political history just collapsed. And Barack Obama’s world was turned upside down when these criminal allegations surfaced. The real scandal in “Russiagate” is…

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