Ro Khanna Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Defending Diane Feinstein

For over 20 years Nancy Pelosi was the unquestioned leader of the Democrat Party in Congress. But Pelosi got a rude awakening. Nancy Pelosi just got hit with one challenge from her own party that she never saw coming. California…

A Top Democrat Senator is About to Lose Their Job Because of This Shocking Video

October has been a month of scandals for Democrats. A sex scandal in a key Senate race. Now this top Democrat Senator is about to lose their job because of this shocking video. Dianne Feinstein is a radical left-wing gun…

One Top Democrat Was Just Betrayed by the People Closest to Her

Senator Feinstein, one of the most prominent Democratic Senators, is facing backlash from the radical left after her support of Amy Coney Barrett in the latest hearings. Now, she faces an angry mob after this one hearing. Barrett’s nomination and…

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