Adam Schiff Will Be Chased Out of Congress After America Learns About This Secret

Adam Schiff’s career is in deep trouble. Schiff’s been sitting on a scandal that is a ticking time bomb. And now Adam Schiff will be chased out of Congress after America learns about this secret. Acting Director of National Intelligence…

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is Officially Dead After A Shocking Election Loss

Bernie Sanders has reached the end of his rope. There’s no coming back after this stunning defeat. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is officially dead after a shocking election loss. There’s little chance left for the 78-year-old socialist senator to win the…

Bernie Sanders Delivered a Surprising Ultimatum. Now All Hell Is Breaking Loose

Bernie Sanders hasn’t forgotten how the Democrat leadership rigged the primary in 2016. Now he’s terrified that they’re up to their old tricks again. Bernie Sanders gave the DNC a jaw-dropping challenge that made all hell break loose. Back in…

Nancy Pelosi Was a Nervous Wreck After Getting the Worst News of Her Career

The election of President Donald Trump turned Nancy Pelosi’s life upside down. She now has virtually no real power, despite being Speaker of the House. And now she is a nervous wreck after getting the worst news of her career.…

Obama Is Terrified William Barr Has Uncovered a Crime That Will Land Him in Jail

Obama is panicking because the 2016 election is being closely examined. He knows that he broke several laws trying to keep Trump out of office. Obama is terrified William Barr has uncovered a crime that will land him in jail.…

Hillary Clinton Knows That This Huge Ukrainian Scandal Could Send Her to Jail

The Democrats hope that their insane attacks of Trump will distract people. Because the crimes that they’ve committed are far worse than anything Trump has done. Hillary Clinton knows that this huge Ukrainian scandal could send her to jail. Democrats…

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