Democrats Just Suffered a Devastating Defeat in this Huge Election Court Case

Democrats in a key swing state hoped to rig the rules in their favor. But the left got some bad news. Democrats just suffered a devastating defeat in this huge election court case. Stacey Abrams lost the 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial…

Chuck Schumer Did a Double Take When He Found Out Who Just Betrayed Him

Chuck Schumer is not used to losing. But Schumer just suffered a major setback. And Chuck Schumer did a double-take when he found out who just betrayed him. Democrats hoped to trap Republicans with legislation to create an independent commission…

William Barr Shot Down A Crazy Democrat Demand That Would Put The Public At Risk

Democrats are pushing an insane scheme that’s placing American citizens in danger. They’re making the safety of criminals a top priority. William Barr shot down a crazy Democrat demand that would put the public at risk. There are now laws…

One Republican Called Chuck Schumer’s Bluff and the Results Were Not Pretty

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats know they are playing a losing hand on impeachment. Their only chance for victory is some kind of procedural Hail Mary to rig the trial in the Democrats’ favor. But now this one Republican called…

What Barack Obama Did to the U.S. Military Left Donald Trump Red With Rage

Barack Obama spent eight years trying to undo everything that makes America great. There was no bigger target for Obama to take down than the nation’s armed forces. And what Barack Obama did to the U.S. military left Donald Trump…

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