Joe Biden is Actively Looking to Remove Religious Liberty Protections for Students

The Biden administration is looking to rescind an important Trump-era rule. They’re hoping to restrict religious student group activities. Joe Biden is actively looking to remove religious liberty protections for students. In 2019 then President Donald Trump signed an executive…

Tucker Carlson Praised a Top Democrat for This Stunning Reason

Tucker Carlson is not known to so many good things about elected Democrats. So that’s what he said on TV took so many by surprise. And Tucker Carlson praised a top Democrat for this stunning reason. Elon Musk dropped a…

Barack Obama and George Bush Just Teamed Up to Stop Trump With This Sick Plan

Donald Trump is announcing his re-election campaign on November 15. The establishment is putting their plan in motion. Barack Obama and George Bush just teamed up to stop Trump with this sick plan. There are no coincidences in politics. On…

A Huge Supreme Court Case Is About to Change America’s Future Forever

The Supreme Court Justices are hearing the most important case of the year. It will decide if America will continue to have religious freedom. This huge Supreme Court case is about to change America’s future forever. The Civil Rights Act…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces a Potential Lawsuit That Could Ruin Her Life

Did you know that President Trump and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have a lot in common? Not only are they both from New York, but both of them are some of the most influential social media stars on the planet. As…

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