The White House Publicly Humiliated Joe Biden With This Quick Retraction

Joe Biden went off script with a message that could destroy Democrats. His own administration is willing to throw him under the bus. The White House publicly humiliated Joe Biden with this quick retraction. Democrats have been trying to pretend…

Democrats Are Terrified Of Ron DeSantis After One Eye-Opening Announcement

Democrats are attempting to destroy Florida governor Ron DeSantis. They see him coming from a mile away as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. And Democrats are terrified of DeSantis after one eye-opening announcement. Ron DeSantis has been the subject of…

Ron DeSantis Took A Firm Stand That Made Jen Psaki Go Into A Meltdown

Democrats are targeting children with outrageous restrictions. And they hate anyone who stands in their way. Ron DeSantis took a stand that made Jen Psaki go into a meltdown. Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t going to back down on…

Trump Couldn’t Believe his Eyes when he Saw the Results of this New Poll

Democrats and some Republicans think Donald Trump is toast this November. Many Republicans in Washington are preparing themselves for the bad news on Election Day. And Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the results of this new…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dropped One Bombshell That Had Democrats Panicking

Supreme Court nomination fights are the nastiest brawls in American politics. The upcoming confirmation battles will make the circus surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination look like a walk in the park. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg dropped one bombshell that had Democrats…

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is on the Verge of Disaster With This New Poll

Bernie Sanders has emerged as the leading Democratic primary candidate. But his campaign is in serious trouble. This new poll could spell disaster for the Sanders campaign in a way no one expected. Bernie Sanders is once again running for…

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