Jen Psaki Snapped at This Simple Question from Fox News Channel

White House press secretary Jen Psaki does not like being challenged by reporters. Psaki’s cheering fans in the press corps readily oblige. And Jen Psaki snapped at this simple question from Fox News Channel. Joe Biden took office and immediately…

Sean Hannity Took This Big Risk. Now His Career Will Be Changed Forever

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News Channel. On many nights Hannity procures the most watched show on cable news. But now Sean Hannity took this big risk. Now his career will be changed forever.…

Sean Hannity Went on Fox News and Made an Announcement That No One Saw Coming

Donald Trump and his allies thought they could count on Sean Hannity to remain one of the President’s strongest supporters in the face of the impeachment hoax. But no one knew the lengths Hannity was willing to go. And then…

These Six Words Revealed One Scary Change at Fox News That Has Trump Nervous

Fox News Channel used to be the one news source in the so-called “mainstream” media that Americans could trust to give President Trump a fair shake. But as the impeachment witch hunt dragged on viewers noticed something different about Fox…

A Fox News Host Is About to Get Fired Because of One Giant Mistake

Fox News operates under media glare unlike any other news outlet. Liberal activists and other members of the fake news media are always on the hunt for the next scandal they think will take down Fox News. And now this…

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