Judge Rules Trump Cannot Post On Social Media About Evidence In Alvin Bragg’s Criminal Case

Donald Trump is going to be furious. The witch hunt against him has picked up steam. Alvin Bragg just won a huge decision that is a devastating defeat for Donald Trump. George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg notched a…

Trump Responds to the Democrats Politically Motivated Indictment in New York

A Soros-funded prosecutor set off a political earthquake. All hell was breaking loose. And Donald Trump just dropped this massive update on the Democrats indicting him. George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg created a crisis with his politically motivated…

George Soros Is Preparing for a Big Election Loss. See His Plan to Take Out Trump

Democrats know that Donald Trump is going to crush them in a fair election. But they aren’t going to play by the rules. George Soros is preparing for a big election loss. See his plan to take out Trump. Since…

Whistleblower Revealed George Soros’s Awful Link to Impeachment

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt against Donald Trump just took this turn for the worse. But before this report on Fox News, no one knew the depths to which the Democrats and the Deep State were colluding to bring down…

George Soros Just Caught in One of the Most Sickening Scandals in American History

George Soros is easily one of the vilest and most twisted individuals on the planet. If you read his Wikipedia, you wouldn’t think that’s true… but when you consider the number of crimes he’s implicated in and the amount of…

George Soros Admitted One Thing About Trump That Caused All Hell to Break Loose

George Soros spent the last two years trying to destroy Donald Trump. Soros fought Trump on every front from Supreme Court nominations to immigration. And now George Soros admitted one thing about Trump that caused all hell to break loose.…

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