A Key Joe Biden Ally’s One Word Confession Set Democrats Up For One Giant Defeat

Democrats got some bad news. It came from one place the party could not afford. Now this key Joe Biden ally’s one word confession set Democrats up for one giant defeat. Michigan is undergoing the worst coronavirus outbreak in the…

One Joe Biden Ally Hit Donald Trump With This Threat about Jail Time

Joe Biden and his allies are not messing around. Biden declared himself President-Elect and now Democrats across the country are fighting to shut down and discredit Donald Trump’s legal challenges alleging widespread voter fraud. And now one Joe Biden ally…

Attorney General Declared This Joe Biden VP Contender May Have Broken The Law

Presumptive Democrat Party Presidential nominee Joe Biden faces the biggest decision of his political career. Who will Biden choose as his running mate? And now Biden got smacked with some bad news when an Attorney General declared this Joe Biden…

William Barr Said 3 Words that Shut the Door on a Potential Joe Biden Running Mate

Democrats are making an unprecedented grab at Americans’ rights. Some Democrat Governors are auditioning for a national role tightening the screws on their citizens with a coronavirus power grab. William Barr Said 3 Words that shut the door on a…

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