Massive Scandal With Mitch McConnell Could Put a Democrat Into the Oval Office

Just a few short days ago protestors posted up outside of Mitch McConnel’s home late at night. They were yelling and screaming for him to “face justice” and crying out for someone to “stab the motherf****r because he’d scandalously blocked…

Chuck Schumer Celebrated the One Victory That Turned Trump’s Life Into a Living Hell

Chuck Schumer only has one goal in mind for 2020. And that is to defeat Donald Trump. That’s why Chuck Schumer celebrated the one victory that turned Trump’s life into a living hell. Democrats continue to twist the screws on…

Brett Kavanaugh Put His Head in His Hands When He Found Out This Truth About His Fate

Democrats still seethe with rage over Donald Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The left refuses to give up their plans to bring them down. And Brett Kavanaugh put his head in his hands when…

Mitch McConnell Is About to Make One Mistake That Will Cost Republicans Everything

Mitch McConnell found himself lucky that Republicans were able to hold the US Senate in 2018. But he may be on the verge of throwing his majority away for good. And one move may cost the Republicans everything in 2020.…

Trump Said Two Words That Shook Barack Obama to His Core

President Donald Trump is the anti-Barack Obama. His vision of America is in stark contrast to the twisted vision from the former President. And Trump just said two words that shook Obama to his core. After every act of mass…

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