Amy Coney Barrett Stopped The First Amendment From Being Destroyed With One Ruling

Democrats put a plan in motion to use the coronavirus to execute a massive power grab. But one of their biggest names got some bad news. And Amy Coney Barrett stopped the first Amendment from being destroyed with one ruling.…

Bill Clinton Went Off The Rails. He Defended A Terrible Crime He’s accused of

Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment has come back to bite him yet again. He has no self-control around women. Bill Clinton went off the rails. He defended a terrible crime he’s accused of. Bill Clinton’s reputation when it comes to women…

One Woman’s Jaw Dropping Confession Just Ended Joe Biden’s Career

Joe Biden was expected to enter the race as the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination. He was even considered as being the biggest threat to defeat Donald Trump. But now Joe Biden’s career could be over because of this woman’s…

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