Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is on the Verge of Disaster With This New Poll

Bernie Sanders has emerged as the leading Democratic primary candidate. But his campaign is in serious trouble. This new poll could spell disaster for the Sanders campaign in a way no one expected. Bernie Sanders is once again running for…

Barack Obama Just Revealed This One Huge Fear That Keeps Him up at Night

Panic is setting in for former President Barack Obama. Obama senses that everything he worked for is in massive danger. And Barack Obama just revealed this one huge fear that keeps him up at night. Former President Obama recently spoke…

Maxine Waters Lost It When One Surprise Destroyed Her Impeachment Dream

Maxine Waters is one of the craziest members of Congress. And she’s been out to destroy Trump for over two years. But she absolutely lost it when this devastating news from Robert Mueller hit her. California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is perhaps…

Chelsea Clinton Was Just Attacked for the Last Thing You’d Expect

The far left in America is eating its own. And they’re now setting their sights on Chelsea Clinton. What these liberal activists said about her is the last thing anyone would expect. It’s no secret that the daughter of Bill…

You Won’t Believe What Crime a Whistleblower Accused Loretta Lynch of Committing

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is on the hot seat. One of her most closely held secrets is now out in the open. And you won’t believe what crime this whistleblower accused Loretta Lynch of committing. Doug Collins, who serves…

Robert Mueller’s Coup Against Trump Went Down In Flames Because Of One Betrayal

This was the day Robert Mueller spent two years building towards. Michael Cohen stepped in front of the House Oversight Committee as the secret weapon to take down Donald Trump. Mueller wound him up and turned him loose on the…

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