These Six Words Revealed One Scary Change at Fox News That Has Trump Nervous

Fox News Channel used to be the one news source in the so-called “mainstream” media that Americans could trust to give President Trump a fair shake. But as the impeachment witch hunt dragged on viewers noticed something different about Fox…

Rashida Tlaib Is in Hot Water After She Said Three Unbelievable Words About Trump

Rashida Tlaib can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Along with her pal Ilhan Omar, they are on the verge of being booted from Congress. And now Tlaib is in hot water yet again after she said three unbelievable words…

Joe Biden Won’t Be the Democratic Nominee if This Shocking Statement Gets Out

Joe Biden is back as the frontrunner in the Democratic race. But he has to work hard if he wants to stay ahead of his crimes. Joe Biden won’t be the Democratic nominee if this shocking statement gets out. There…

Mike Pence Just Did Something That’s Even Upset Some of His Biggest Supporters

Though Mike Pence isn’t in the spotlight all that much, the Vice President can sometimes be just as controversial as Trump is. Typically though, he only upsets the Left, as his Christian beliefs are what the Left finds detestable. Today,…

FOX News Delivers Epic Punch in the Face to Democrats With This Vicious Tweet

Most Republicans don’t trust the Democrats further than they can throw them. It’s because the Dems take hold of every bit of Fake News they’re given and club their opponents over the head with it. Which is why FOX News…

Maxine Waters Insulted Every American With This Comment About Jussie Smollett

Maxine Waters is flying off a cliff. The radical Democrat Congresswoman is notorious for her ridiculous statements. And this time, she insulted every American with this outrageous comment about the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime. California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is easily…

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