Donald Trump Just Found Out Some Bad News About GOP Impeachment Betrayals

The Senate impeachment trial is set to begin as Democrats will transmit the articles of impeachment this week. The President is counting on Republicans to stand united behind him. But then Donald Trump just found out some bad news about…

A Brand New Poll Shows That Nancy Pelosi Is Dead Wrong About Impeachment

The Democrats have staked everything on impeaching Trump. They won’t be able to recover from their terrible mistake. A brand new poll shows that Nancy Pelosi is dead wrong about impeachment. Trump is not an easy President to defeat. The…

Trump Was Hit With Jaw-Dropping News About Two Supreme Court Justices Retiring

Whispers are already flying around Washington about the next Supreme Court vacancy. But even Donald Trump was unprepared for what was about to come next. And President Trump was hit with this jaw-dropping news about two Supreme Court Justices retiring.…

Nancy Pelosi Just Made a Phone Call That Proved Her Guilty of One Big Thing

Nancy Pelosi spent months telling one big lie. Now her dishonesty is out in the open. That’s because Pelosi just made the one phone call that proved her guilty of one major thing. This past Saturday, just before the release…

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