Barack Obama and George Bush Just Teamed Up to Stop Trump With This Sick Plan

Donald Trump is announcing his re-election campaign on November 15. The establishment is putting their plan in motion. Barack Obama and George Bush just teamed up to stop Trump with this sick plan. There are no coincidences in politics. On…

Nancy Pelosi Is Quaking With Fear Over These Horrendous Numbers

Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows best how to run the country. But the middle class families in her district are facing major challenges. Nancy Pelosi is quaking with fear over these horrendous numbers. While Democrats say that they care about…

Obama’s Attorney General Exposed an Evil Plot to Brainwash the American Public

Democrats have stopped using rational debate. They are not even trying to hide the nefarious ways they are trying to change opinions. Obama’s Attorney General exposed an evil plot to brainwash the American public. Education is vitally important to America.…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Should Go to Jail Because of This Serious Crime

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t even try to hide her corruption from public view. In fact, she actively encouraged illegal behavior in a shocking tweet posted on Saturday. And she should go to jail because it was a serious crime. The Democratic…

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