Illegal Immigrants Reveal That Immigration Laws By Ron DeSantis Are Working

A new law from Florida is counteracting the Democrats open-borders insanity. In fact, many illegal immigrants have already started ‘self-deporting’ out of Florida. This is how DeSantis’s new law is working. Due to laws passed by Governor Ron DeSantis (R),…

One RINO Senator Doesn’t Want You To Know About This Link To George Soros

George Soros is one the biggest funders of the American left. But Soros covers all his bases. And one RINO Senator doesn’t want you to know about this link to George Soros. RINO South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is one…

Poll Shows The Southern Border Crisis May Cost Joe Biden His Re-Election

Joe Biden is failing on the southern border. Millions of illegal immigrants are crossing into the United States. And now, one new poll shows that the southern border crisis may cost Joe Biden his re-election. With millions of illegal immigrants…

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