MSNBC Guest Claims Trump Arrest Shows America Is in the Middle of a ‘Cold Civil War’

A Democrat prosecutor funded by George Soros indicting Donald Trump is a Rubicon-crossing moment for America. All hell is breaking loose. And one Democrat went on TV and made this prediction about Trump’s arrest leading to civil war. Princeton Professor…

Nancy Pelosi Overturns American Legal System to Justify Trump Indictment

Democrats are shifting the entire American legal system just to go after Donald Trump. They’re destroying the very basis of American justice. And Nancy Pelosi just exposed how the Democrats are changing the law with this insane statement. Rep. Nancy…

Trump Responds to the Democrats Politically Motivated Indictment in New York

A Soros-funded prosecutor set off a political earthquake. All hell was breaking loose. And Donald Trump just dropped this massive update on the Democrats indicting him. George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg created a crisis with his politically motivated…

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