Adam Schiff Told a Shocking Lie About Obama That Opened a Huge Can of Worms

Obama blew his top when he heard what claim Adam Schiff said about him. Obama has one big hole in his record he can’t let anyone see. Adam Schiff told a shocking lie about Obama that opened a huge can…

Hillary Clinton Knows That This Huge Ukrainian Scandal Could Send Her to Jail

The Democrats hope that their insane attacks of Trump will distract people. Because the crimes that they’ve committed are far worse than anything Trump has done. Hillary Clinton knows that this huge Ukrainian scandal could send her to jail. Democrats…

The Supreme Court Is About to Hear a Case That Could Decide Donald Trump’s Fate

Democrats are gearing up for the legal battle that will define the Trump era. This case figures to go all the way to the highest court in the land. And the Supreme Court may be about to hear a case…

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