Dr. Fauci Told One Truth to CNN That Left Americans Stunned into Silence

Americans are counting on Dr. Anthony Fauci to explain the status of the nation’s battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak. But they could not believe what they heard. And that’s because Dr. Fauci told one truth to CNN that left…

Donald Trump Heard 4 Words About Coronavirus That Broke His Heart

The spread of the coronavirus is threatening the American economy and public health. There’s one thing that the country desperately wishes it had done differently. Donald Trump heard 4 words about coronavirus that broke his heart. The United Kingdom is…

Nancy Pelosi Tried To Double-Cross Trump On Coronavirus. This Is Why She Failed

Nancy Pelosi is working overtime to defeat Donald Trump. During this Wuhan coronavirus crisis, the House Speaker is focused on playing partisan politics instead of helping the American people. And Nancy Pelosi tried to double-cross Trump on coronavirus. This is…

Hillary Clinton Tried to Take Down Donald Trump. It Backfired In A Major Way

Like all Democrats, Hillary Clinton is trying to weaponize the spread of the Chinese coronavirus to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency. But the former First Lady made a big mistake. Hillary Clinton tried to take down Donald Trump. It backfired in…

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