Jeff Sessions Immediately Regretted One Decision That Trump Never Forgave

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is beginning to realize he made a giant mistake. Sessions entered the race of his old Senate seat that Sessions held for 20 years before joining the Trump administration. But Jeff Sessions immediately regretted one…

Jeff Sessions Got Handed New Poll Numbers. What They Showed Left Him Speechless

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions could not believe his eyes. Sessions is running for his old Senate seat in Alabama and things are not going the way Sessions and his campaign team expected. Now Jeff Sessions got handed new poll…

All Hell Will Break Loose When Jeff Sessions Makes This Decision About His Future

Jeff Sessions did not leave the Trump administration on good terms. That’s because much of the blame for the Russia witch hunt rests with Sessions. And now all hell will break loose when Jeff Sessions makes this decision about his…

Jeff Sessions Left Jaws on the Ground With What He Just Said About Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions was a controversial figure as Attorney General. After President Trump asked him to step down as the head of the Justice Department, many assumed Sessions would look for a chance to seek revenge on the President. And now…

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