Fox News Backed Jen Psaki into a Corner with Two Words Joe Biden Spoke

Jen Psaki had another rough briefing. The White House press secretary once again fell apart under pressure. And Fox News backed Jen Psaki into a corner with two words Joe Biden spoke. Joe Biden and the Democrats were in dire…

Jen Psaki Exposed An Offensive Scheme Of Racial Profiling Joe Biden is Carrying Out

Joe Biden has specifically decided to target white Trump voters in a shocking way. He’s openly attacking normal Republicans. Jen Psaki exposed an offensive scheme of racial profiling Joe Biden is carrying out. Over three quarters of American seniors have…

Jen Psaki Picked One Fight With Fox News That Blew Up In Her Face In One Major Way

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had no idea what she was in for. Psaki’s already suffered a rocky tenure. And Jen Psaki picked one fight with Fox News that blew up in her face in one major way. During…

A Newsmax Reporter Asked One Question Which Made Jen Psaki Regret Taking The Job

Joe Biden has shown clearly just where his illegal priorities are. He made an unforgivable insult against the military. A Newsmax reporter asked one question which made Jen Psaki regret taking the job. President Joe Biden has signaled to the…

Jen Psaki Confirms This Rumor About Joe Biden

Joe Biden wanted this to be a triumph. But now Americans are worried for the future. Now, Jen Psaki confirms this rumor about Joe Biden. President Biden has signed more executive orders into existence than any other President. But what…

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