William Barr Is About to Drop the Hammer on Joe Biden for This Act of Treason

Joe Biden thought he was on a glide path to the Presidency. Early polls showed Biden leading the Democrat field, and even leading President Trump in a head-to-head matchup. But then the former Vice President got bad news when he…

All Hell Broke Loose When Joe Biden Said Ten Words That Lost Him the Election

Former Vice President Joe Biden was the frontrunner in the 2020 election. But not anymore. That’s because all hell broke loose when Joe Biden said the ten words that just lost him the election. Former Vice President Joe Biden was…

Top Trump Challenger Caught Covering Up This Treasonous Scandal

One top Democrat looking to challenge Donald Trump in 2020 has problems that are just getting started. And one might be a career killing controversy. That’s because this top Trump challenger was caught covering up a treasonous scandal. The one…

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is on the Verge of Disaster With This New Poll

Bernie Sanders has emerged as the leading Democratic primary candidate. But his campaign is in serious trouble. This new poll could spell disaster for the Sanders campaign in a way no one expected. Bernie Sanders is once again running for…

Nancy Pelosi Has One Shocking Problem that Could Bring Her Reign Crashing Down

Nancy Pelosi’s past is coming back to bite her. The Speaker’s continued actions on this issue is destroying her grasp on power. And it’s a shocking problem that could bring her reign crashing down. The Democrats seem to be in…

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