Barack Obama’s Favorite TV Star Just Got the News Proving His Life Is Over

Hollywood loves Barack Obama, and wishes he could serve a third term. They constantly look to him as a hero, instead of the horrible President most of America sees him as. And one of Obama’s favorite TV stars just got…

Maxine Waters Insulted Every American With This Comment About Jussie Smollett

Maxine Waters is flying off a cliff. The radical Democrat Congresswoman is notorious for her ridiculous statements. And this time, she insulted every American with this outrageous comment about the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime. California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is easily…

Michelle Obama Is Terrified of This FBI Investigation

In one stunning move, President Trump took this action to take down the Obama machine. It all stems from this one case polarizing the country. And now Michelle Obama is terrified of what an FBI investigation could turn up. Americans…

Nancy Pelosi Thought No One Would Notice If She Hid This Massive Screw Up

Nancy Pelosi has been on the ropes lately. And she was hoping no one would notice that she hid this massive screw up. But this latest scandal is coming back to bite her in a serious way. Nancy Pelosi has had…

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