Leading Democrat’s Sex Scandal from the past Could Be the End of Their Career

There is one Democrat running for President that could pose the biggest threat to President Trump in 2020. But they are hiding a dark secret. Now an ugly sex scandal from this Democrat’s past could prove to be their undoing.…

Nancy Pelosi Just Suffered the Humiliating Defeat of Her Life

Nancy Pelosi developed an image as an unbeatable power player in Washington. That all went down in flames. Pelosi was just exposed as a fraud in this most humiliating defeat of her life. Speaker Pelosi was backed into a corner.…

All Hell Broke Loose When Maxine Waters Issued This Jaw Dropping Apology

Trouble is never far behind Maxine Waters. But this time, Waters dug herself into a hole she may never be able to climb out of. And all hell is breaking loose now that Waters issued this jaw-dropping apology. The Democrat…

Rush Limbaugh Exposed The Biggest Threat To Trump That No One Is Talking About

Rush Limbaugh emerged as one of the largest voices in conservative politics for a reason. He has the ability to point out the left’s own plans before the Democrats themselves do. And this time, he just exposed the biggest threat…

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