Tara Reade Decided To Share More Details That Made Joe Biden Terrified

There is a new mountain of information on the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden. None of it is good for the former Vice President. Tara Reade decided to share more details that made Joe Biden terrified. Tara Reade recently…

Brett Kavanaugh Just Drove the Final Nail in the Coffin of Nancy Pelosi’s Career

“Nancy Pelosi”by vpickering is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 There was one case before the Supreme Court that stood out above all the rest. It had the ability to reshape American politics for a generation. And with this decision, Brett…

All Hell Broke Loose After Kavanaugh Was Accused Of Making Women Do This

People have accused Brett Kavanaugh of all kinds of things. They’ve said he’s guilty of sexual assault and that he’s nothing more than a miserable drunkard. But now all hell broke loose after Kavanaugh was accused of making women do…

Could Ruth Bader Ginsburg Have Ever Expected This to Be True of Brett Kavanaugh?

If you’re the kind of person who supports Brett Kavanaugh, you’re going to love this. Ginsburg shares very little in common with Kavanaugh. Is there any way Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have ever expected this to be true of Brett…

Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Furious When He Learns What Award CNN Was Just Given

Poor Justice Kavanaugh. He got the short end of the stick last year when it came to being the target of fake news. And now Brett Kavanaugh will be furious when he learns what award CNN was just given. But…

Brett Kavanaugh Looked on in Horror With What This Senator Just Accused Him of

The never ending war over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation rages on. Democrats are still finding ways to smear Kavanaugh and destroy him. And Brett Kavanaugh looked on in horror with what this Senator just accused him of. California Democrat Kamala Harris…

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